It is undoubtedly true that the good charitable organization like Hand of Aid Foundation is unequivocal benefactor to any community in Ghana of Kwahu west is no exceptional and the world at large. The following are some of the benevolent functions of most charitable organization in their respective localities they individually or collectively operate.

  1. They exist to help formulate local farmlands or create programmes that support local agricultural communities.
  2. They provide jobs and/or create job opportunities for the folks of the area they operate.
  3. They don’t only provide seminars for the folks of their catchments area to give them skills in life development but also sponsor the community folks to acquire trade and education.
  4. In addition to the above mentioned contribution of the charitable organizations towards the welfare of the community folks, they also establish small scale businesses as income generating projects for the people in their respective areas of jurisdiction.
  5. They also give grants to the needy people either to start business or for Schooling.

It is upon these few of the numerous contribution towards the welfare of the economically, socially and medically vulnerable that charitable Organization are indisputable benefactors to the public especially those in Kwahu West Municipality will facilitate the rate of economic, socio-cultural and health upliftment of the people in the Municipality.

It is worthwhile to at least paint the Picture of the of the municipality to explain or prove why the presence of this foundation; Hand of Aid Foundation, which performs most of the functions mentioned earlier, is of immense benefit to the municipality.

The following are some of the weakness in the municipality that needs to be reduced or completely eradicated.

  1. Low Income: Most of the people in the rural areas fall within the low income bracket hence parental care is far below average.
  2. Low level of Education is also predominant among the people. Due to low income and the poor or no parental care there are many school dropouts who resort to miniature jobs
  3. Absence of modern skills that can propel the folks into modern agricultural practices to avoid the primitive method.
  4. Due to the poverty, school dropout low level of Education mentioned above, the teenage folks indulge themselves in promiscuity hence teenage pregnancy, Abortion and other unprintable delinquencies.

These few of the numerous factors that plunge the municipality into disastrous and ignominious position among the rest of the municipalities.

Upon the above disadvantaged position of the Hand of Aid Foundation, a beneficial charitable organization is unchallenged, irrevocably and indisputably of tremendous benefit to the Kwahu West Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana.

R. K. Owusu

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