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Working to make our world a better  place for all people

Orphanage Programs

Our goal is to care for the physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of the children in homes and orphanage homes.
Our service to these children is reaching out, caring, educating and equipping them to be strong and to grow up as good and responsible citizens.

Youth Programs

Hand Van Hulp runs a network of youth clubs, projects, drop in centres, youth information centres, youth cafés, music, arts, and other outlets, that promote an open, integrated and accessible approach to working with young people. As a network of local youth services run by local people, we are uniquely placed to reach out to young people in their local communities throughout Ghana. .

Disability Program

Hand Van hulp provides supports for persons with an intellectual disability by providing fun, affordable, innovative activities that enables them to be as good as they can be in the areas where the Foundation is in operation.
Each area is funded separately by the Foundation’s secretariat and operates autonomously in the daily delivery of services.


Hand of Aid

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Working Together For A Better World

Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven

Lives are being saved everyday through initiatives, programmes and public awareness campaigns. Due to the generosity, kindness and commitment of our supporters, donors, volunteers and fundraisers we are able to help save countless lives.


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Share your love with the people who have none. You do not only give money when you donate, but also give hope and share your love with people in need.
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To support, teach, encourage and lead the less fortunate and privileged in our societies. The is there to promote and support the education of the less privilege and to provide support to other charities providing homes for orphans.

Our Causes

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Education Programs

Support a child with back to school materials and food

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Youth Programs

Our youth programs in local services led by local people is serious fun


Orphanage Programs

Children are accepted, they are placed in loving homes

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Advocates better orphanage home management and services.

We Run awareness campaigns for charities, the homeless and orphanage homes.
We Help and support the homeless find home..

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