van-hulp-orphanageOur goal is to care for the physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of the children in homes and orphanage homes.

Our service to these children is reaching out, caring, educating and equipping them to be strong and to grow up as good and responsible citizens.

Children are accepted, they are placed in loving homes with plenty to eat, a warm bed and a clean environment along with nurturing care from loving foster parents who attend to their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. The foster family considers it their ministry to love and care for the children as their own giving the child all the support he or she may need. The homes make a solemn commitment to the children in their care.

Hand van hulp Foundation supports these families and the orphanage homes in all their needs to help raise the standard of living and care for these children. The needs of these children are paramount on our scale of preference.

We place strong emphasis on educating the children because education is the key to self-sufficiency.

The homes help the children reach new heights by inspiring them to develop the desire and capacity to break the cycle of poverty and to become the best that they can be. It is our goal to develop future leaders among these children so that one day they can help make their country self-sufficient.

Unlike many organizations, all donations received go directly to the children, orphanages and the foster homes. This is possible through a generous grant from our members, who covers all expenses including, wages, travel, administration and communication expenses.