It’s often mistakenly believed that charitable organization and their volunteers are unimportance and of little consequence to a country’s economic system, but nothing would further from the truth.

In reality, charitable activities make a vital contribution to the economic, social and political sectors of a nation. In fact, the role of Charitable Organisations (C.O’s) and volunteer work is no less important than the role of the public and private sectors.

Charities provide essential services that positively impact the life’s of the citizens such as building hospitals, schools, Orphanages and religious centers and providing financial assistance to the vulnerable in the society.

Secondly, Charitable organizations are a vital partner to the government in many aspects such as personal empowerment and training, fighting poverty, combating social diseases as drug abuse and attempting to narrow the deep between the rich and the poor.

Charitable and volunteer work is also the safety value and supporting pillar for a country’s security due to the prevention roles it plays, especially in fighting extremism, racialism and criminal acts against humanity. Such work is especially targeted at those who are particularly vulnerable to crime owning to their poverty and harsh conditions.

In addition to their social role, charities are also an investment; as such they require professional management and administrative organization that are governed by the corporate governance.

There are three main obligations. There are; Economic, political and social responsibilities this Charities like private companies must comply with corporate governance in terms of professionalism, good management performance and management evaluation, accountability and transparency in all activities.

Although some charities may not adhere to the goals of promoting political, social and economic and may engage in wrongful activities, the vast majority of charitable organization operates in good faith and within the law. A few bad nuts have sullied the reputation of many extreme worthwhile charities and created an environment of apprehension, suspicion, illegitimacy, causing a lack of public confidence. One of problems facing the charitable organization is the incidence of bad management and financial and administrative corruption in some charities. This has caused many to question to the credibility of charitable work and its management.

Another problem which needs to be talked about is Favoritism and other aspects of administrative corruption leading to suspicion among potential contributors and volunteers ensuring in a complete loss of faith in some charities.

To avoid this, charities must view their donors and volunteers as a company views its stakeholders. Ethical codes, professionalism and corporate governance should govern charitable activities.

Charitable works should fulfill its obligations within the framework of transparency, compliance with society, the economy and government.

Further more, charities should be able t work autonomously without direct government involvement.

The government of the respective countries the various charitable organizations operate should simply support the staff of the organizations and defend the group/organizations internationally.

The government, in addition should also develop the sector as a vital and as a partner in sustainable domestic development.

To conclude, it is unequivocal, indisputable and undoubted that charitable organization plays a vital role in a nation.


Mr. R.K. Owusu

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