VolunteerHand van Hulp Foundation is a volunteer lead organisation with a small number of staff members. We gratefully depend on our many willing volunteers who are committed to fundraising and Orphanage programmes.

Volunteering with HOAF is really exciting and rewarding. With your talents and gifts you have many options to support in any of our departments.


What Do Volunteers Do?:

1. Create awareness – Some of our volunteers are trained by our team to help create awareness in all our programmes with other organizations.

2. Coordinate  and facilitate – Organising and suprvising youth club, soccer club, hospital visitation program and disability program.

3.  Fundraising – Organising fundraising events, inspiring and engaging the Ghanaian public to donate to the foundation.

4. Orphanage Management – We give training to some of our volunteers to help manage the day-to-day operations of the orphanage homes. The orphanage team will get to help out with crowd control, meal supervision, playtime and a whole lot of other adventures you may never expect.

You will be asked for a preference as to which team you would like to be part of (first choice, second choice, etc.). During the training, further assessment and abilities will be made regarding your final placement. Team placement is subject to change without notice due to cancellations, additions, and on-field exigencies. You will be cross-trained for the responsibilities of at least one other team.

Benefits of a Volunteer

Volunteering with Hand Van Hulp Foundation is a rich and rewarding experience with so many benefits such as;

  1. The satisfaction of helping save the lives of others.
  2. Sharing your skills and teaching others making you a great mentor.
  3. The sense of community and friendship.
  4. Learning new skills and getting certified in most of them.
  5. Travelling and get together parties

If you’re interested in getting on board, please us the apply now button and we will be in touch.