Our Sponsor and Donors are very important in their roles and we make sure that their generosity do not go to waste. Hand Van Hulp foundation endeavours to keep administration costs at 10% of expenditure. Our board of directors are volunteers and are not paid by the organization. 60% out of donations that are given locally are spent locally. Without your support, much of what we do would be impossible. We rely primarily on the generosity of the public to carry out much of what we do.


Hand Van Hulp Foundation pledge is to treat all our sponsors and donors with openness, respect and honesty.

We promise to effectively apply your donations and gifts to use for their intended purposes only.

We commit to being transparent, honest and accountable so that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in our programmes.

Be assured that;

Sponsors and donors will always be informed of our mission, and of the way the way we intends to use donated resources.

Sponsors and donors will get access to the organisation’s most recent financial statements.

Sponsors and Donors will be informed of the identity of HVHF’s Board of Directors and that the Directors will exercise prudent judgement in its stewardship responsibilities at management level.

Sponsors and donors receive appropriate recognition and acknowledgement.

Sponsors and donors donations will be used for the exact purposes for which they were given.

Sponsors and donors will be informed whether those raising the funds are employees, volunteers, or hired third party agents.

Information about sponsors and donors donation is handled with confidentiality and with respect to the extent provided by law.

Sponsors and donors will have available agreed procedures for making and responding to complaints.

Expect that all relationships with individuals representing HOAF will be dealt with professionally.