The Hand van Hulp Foundation is a charity fighting thirst, hunger and poverty by Supporting and raising funds for those in need, orphanage homes and the homeless, funded 85 per cent by public donations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to relieve poverty, combat distress and alleviate suffering in any part of Ghana regardless of tribe, gender, creed or political convictions.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support, teach, encourage and lead the less fortunate and privileged in our societies. The is there to promote and support the education of the less privilege and to provide support to other charities providing homes for orphans.

What Does the Hand Van Hulp Foundation Do?

  • The Hand Van Hulp Foundation:
  • Provides information on financial health to the public and media.
  • Research the causes and effects of poverty, injustice and suffering
  • Supports Orphanage homes financially, emotionally and materially.
  • Raise funds for charitable organizations and orphanage homes.
  • Provides charitable programmes in schools and workplaces.
  • Help and support the homeless find homes.
  • Relieve poverty, combat distress and alleviate suffering in any part of Ghana regardless of race, gender, creed or political convictions;
  • Run awareness campaigns for charities, the homeless and orphanage homes.
  • Advocates better orphanage home management and services.



  • The introduction of indirect parenting to the public
  • Public awareness and education of charity programmes
  • Elderly support programmes
  • ‘Charity’ programmes in schools
  • Great support to people in need



  • To establish support and volunteer units to help and assist orphanage homes.
  • To increase awareness of the needy and homeless.
  • To establish local support groups in every town and city
  • To ensure that every orphan in need has reasonable access to a local support group and that these groups have the capacity to self-advocate.


High Level Goals

  • Reduction by 1% per year in homelessness per 100,000 population.
  • To reduce the number of homeless among those who are less privilege.
  • To bring a halt to increasing levels of poverty in the Ghanaian population.
  • Ensure provision of optimum care and management for orphans in orphanage homes.
  • To help raise the standard of over 60% orphanage homes in Ghana by the year 2030