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[bunch_we_are_served bg_img=”6545″ video_link=”http://handofaid.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/charity.mp4″ title=”Advocacy” text=”To establish support and volunteer units to help and assist orphanage homes.
To increase awareness of the needy and homeless.
To establish local support groups in every town and city
To ensure that everyone orphan in need has reasonable access to a local support group and that these groups have the capacity to self-advocate.” feature_str=”Charity For Education
Home for homeless
Feed for hungry child
Clean water for people”]
[bunch_call_to_action bg_img=”71″ title=”Charity For Education” sub_title=”Working With US by helping & donation” text=”Our mission is to support, teach, encourage and lead the less fortunate and privileged in our societies. The Foundation is there to promote and support Orphanage homes to provide safe and healthy environment for the orphans.” btn_link=”http://handofaid.com/page/about-us/” don_link=”http://handofaid.com/page/donate”]
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