Orphanage Program

Our goal is to care for the physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of the children in homes and orphanage homes. Our service to these children is reaching out, caring, educating and equipping them to be strong and to grow up as good and responsible citizens. Children are accepted, they are placed in loving homes with plenty to eat, a warm bed and a clean environment along with nurturing care from loving foster parents who attend to their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.


Hand Van hulp provides supports for persons with an intellectual disability by providing fun, affordable, innovative activities that enables them to be as good as they can be in the areas where the Foundation is in operation.  Each area is funded separately by the Foundation’s secretariat and operates autonomously in the daily delivery of services.  The Chief Executive Officer and Executive Team manage the overall service with the help and support of regional and local managers in the Regions. 


Hand Van Hulp runs network of youth clubs, projects, drop in centres, youth information centres, youth cafés, music, arts, and other outlets, that promote an open, integrated and accessible approach to working with young people.

As a network of local youth services run by local people, we are uniquely placed to reach young people in their local communities throughout Ghana.  We work to develop the potential of these young people and to strengthen communities in Ghana through quality youth services.

Hospital Visitaion

The foundation provides support for the sick. We do hospital visitation and follow up visit at their homes after they are discharged from the hospital.

Our team are made up of professionals including medical and pastoral. Our visiting and support for the sick is community centred most in weekends. 

We provide emotional, material, psychological, social, spiritual and financial support for the sick who we visit according to their needs.