van-hulp-youthHand Van Hulp runs a network of youth clubs, projects, drop in centres, youth information centres, youth cafés, music, arts, and other outlets, that promote an open, integrated and accessible approach to working with young people. As a network of local youth services run by local people, we are uniquely placed to reach out to young people in their local communities throughout Ghana.  We work to develop the potential of these young people and to strengthen communities in Ghana through quality youth services.

The young and needy are at the heart of our foundation and are supported with excellent standards in volunteering, leaders and programme services. Many young people do not have a safe place to go where they can have a sense of belonging, when they can have a positive relationship with adults and where people believe in them. We offer young people from all backgrounds regardless of race, gender, creed or political convictions a place to go, a listening ear and support if it’s needed. The services are run by local people and the programmes are run based on the needs of the local community. Positive relationships between young people and adults ensure that young people thrive and are on the road to reaching their potential as well rounded adults.

Our youth programs in local services led by local people is serious fun. We are stronger working together and do believe our positive contribution of youth work can change our country.

We always see the best in people, trust each other, value people’s opinions. We also respect and value the contribution of all our volunteers. We value leadership by young people, learning and voluntary participation


Our Clubs are a safe place for young people to hang out, meet new friends and have a voice. Our Clubs are different to other youth clubs because is run by the young people themselves. Running the clubs helps them to believe in themselves, make decisions and practice leadership.


Hand Van Hulp Football Club has been providing boys and girls organized in the communities where the foundation operates. This club is there to help to educate, keep the members occupied and build their talent.

Our players and members come from a variety of schools and different backgrounds in the local area and we are always welcoming newcomers, whatever their ability.


Hand Van Hulp dance club is a resource and service organisation supporting the development of all forms of dance in a locality where the foundation is operating. We provide training and development initiatives for children young adult in the local community.  Our dancers do perform to raise funds for the needy, orphanage homes and the homeless.